Start a Class

A Five Aspects discussion leader is the key to a successful group study. He should have a thorough grasp of the Biblical and theological content of Five Aspects of Man.  He should salute and defend the truth of this course, having found it faithful to the Scriptures and personally relevant. He should commit himself to the men who will be in his study and pray consistently for his class as a whole and his students individually. We may be able to help you connect with other “Aspectors” in your area.

How to Start a Five Aspects Class

  • Order the Five Aspects of Man Leader’s Edition, which includes the workbook, lecture transcripts, and answer guide. You can order at our Store on this site as a set or individually.

  • Go through the course yourself, allowing six months to complete the study.

  • If you would like to conduct a Five Aspects class in your church, mission group, Bible study group, or any other organized body of believers, ask the leaders of the group to approve the course. It is better not to begin, than to begin and reap confusion or undermine your leadership.