Scope & Structure

The Five Aspects of Man (FAM) Bible study presents a complete Biblical theology of masculinity from Genesis all the way through Revelation in 15 lessons, plus an introduction lecture.  Each lesson has two components – a 30 minute audio lecture and a workbook study.  

The workbook leads you through an examination of five passages of scripture that provide definitive and universal truths about men –  each “angle on manhood” is called an “aspect.”  There are three lessons for each aspect: as it was created to be, as it is distorted by sin, and as it is redeemed in Christ.  Each lesson examines case studies from scripture – examples of men in the Bible and how they showcase manhood in different ways.

The workbook lessons and exercises provide the core structure of the Bible study.  The audio lectures provide further teaching that unravels particularly difficult, counter-cultural or non-intuitive topics concerning biblical manhood and womanhood.

This Bible study requires a high degree of personal commitment of 3-5 hours a week to listen to the audio lecture (30 minutes), complete the workbook study (1+ hours), and, ideally, to meet with a men’s group for discussion and clarification on challenging topics (1+hours).  The difficulty of the material is equivalent to a challenging full semester college course, requiring much thought and study.