Women’s Short Courses

Women’s Short Courses are brief Bible studies that can be read through by an individual, used as a personal devotional guide, or studied by a group.  Each book includes study questions, an answer guide, and is 6 x 9’’ format. 

Calm Women in Turbulent Times

This six-lesson Bible study examines case examples of how God worked in the lives of women during bewildering and troubling times in the Old Testament, and leads the student to consider the implications for her life. Each lesson ends with study questions to help the student to Review the Facts, Think More Deeply, and Apply the Lesson. There are suggested answers in the back of the book.

Wise Women Build Houses

This six-lesson Bible study examines how women can do productive, enduring and womanly work based on the model of feminine work in Proverbs 9 and illustrated with the lives of biblical women. This book includes study questions for each lesson and an answer guide in the back of the book.

Seasons of God, Spirals of Life

This six-lesson study leads you through the Bible on the theme of seasons, seedtime, and harvest. Each lesson examines portraits of God in Scripture that uses seasonal imagery and then teaches applications regarding worship and thanksgiving, faithfulness and lifegiving, our own seasons of life, and more. This book includes study questions in each lesson, an answer guide in the back, and additional appendices and charts.

Clothing Body and Spirit

This ten-chapter book charts the theme of clothing in the Bible – a rich and poetic Bible theme that Scripture uses to reveal many truths and “portraits of God”. This volume provides an organization of the Bible theme of clothing for the student to study and ponder, and each chapter includes questions, applications or memory challenges to assist the student’s meditation on Scripture and spiritual growth. There are extensive appendices including suggested answers to questions and praise songs.