Five Aspects of Femininity for Girls

The Jeweled Fountain is a Bible study for 5th grade – middle school girls (about 10 – 14 years old).  This study has the same theological foundation as the Five Aspects of Woman, but is presented with the imagery of an adorned, life-giving fountain.  This Bible-study workbook is visually rich and interactive including:

  • over 100 illustrations

  • 40 theological treasure truths

  • scores of memory verses

  • 140 vocabulary words with glossary

  • crossword puzzles, word-searches, and handwork

all built around the solid Bible teaching young girls need to prepare them for godly womanhood! The workbook is a free-standing course without audio supplements.

“Dear Jeweled Fountain Students,

Your femininity is created to be like the beautiful fountain on the cover of this workbook— many-tiered, graceful in shape, and flowing with sparkling water!  This Bible study has been written to help you understand who God created you to be.  As you learn to know and obey God, He will enable you to fulfill the high and lovely purposes that He has for you now as a girl and later as a woman.

This study is organized around the concept of a fountain with five tiers.  The fountain that is you is represented by the fountain on the cover. The base and the center of the fountain represent your image of God.  This is your core personhood.  The water of the fountain represents your salvation given by Christ in the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of God flows through your created and redeemed being to give life, love, and glory to God and to all those whose lives you touch. The five tiers represent aspects of your femininity.  Just as our fountain has five tiers, our study will cover five facets or aspects of femininity.  These tiers are based on specific things that God has said about the nature and identity of woman in the Bible.  The fountain jewels represent virtues fundamental to each feminine aspect. Upon completion of each unit, the appropriate tier is decorated, and the “virtue jewels” are added.”

- Barbara Mouser