The Story of Sex in Scripture

The Story of Sex in Scripture unfolds biblical teaching on sexuality in a “quick read” book format rather than a formal Bible Study. Each chapter consists of both a story section and a teaching section.  The story sections leads you through the grand narrative of sexuality from scripture – beginning with God’s creation, through its developments in biblical history, and onward to God’s intended culmination at the end of time at the wedding feast of the Lamb. 

The teaching sections of each chapter unpack theological truths connected with what we learn from the story and help you understand what the Bible’s narratives mean for us today.  Discussion questions at the end of each teaching section promote self-examination of your personal beliefs and of what scripture says.

The Story of Sex in Scripture presents God's plan for sexuality on earth and for eternity by telling the story on two levels. On the cosmic level spanning the entirety of history, the masculine God relates to His feminine creation in a story of love, betrayal, and reconciliation. On the earthly level, key men and women shape history and the unfolding of sexuality and its meaning for both good and evil. 

A unique combination of Bible exposition, Christian worldview, practical wisdom, a patriarchal answer to feminism, and clear teaching on why the God of the Bible is not "beyond gender" or a goddess. 122 pages

This book is about sexuality in the fullest sense. It contains a story with characters, a plot, and a point. However, the characters are not merely individual men and women; they are, rather, masculinity and femininity themselves, both cosmic and earthly, divine and human, good and evil. 

This story follows the plot of Scripture. The overture is taken from Genesis where the key characters and themes are introduced. The development comes from the Old Testament, the climax from the Gospels, and the conclusion from John’s Apocalypse. Each chapter begins with a “story” presentation of key historical events. The “backdrop” section which follows examines crucial doctrines and controversies pertinent to the topics of each chapter. 

Sexuality counts for much more than mere personal morality—how you "identify" sexually, who you sleep with, and what reproductive decisions you make. Rather, one’s sexual framework determines the nature of one’s God, one’s view of ultimate meaning and purpose, and the nature of salvation, if any is needed. 

The Bible provides what the world does not have: an authoritative and credible revelation of the origin and destiny of masculinity and femininity. As we understand God’s framework for sexuality we will understand ourselves better. More importantly, we will understand God and His purposes better as well. This small volume is offered as a primer toward this end.

- Preface