Listen to Lessons

Audio lectures for the course Five Aspects of Man are distributed here for your convenience at no charge. We are pleased to present these new 2019 recordings.  These lectures provide teaching from Bill Mouser to support and augment the teaching from the workbook.  You may listen here or download the lectures to listen offline.

The first lecture introduces the entire course. If you are considering Five Aspects of Man as a personal or group study, listening to this lecture is a good way to familiarize yourself with the overarching concept and structure of the course.  Each lecture is 25-30 minutes long.

Introduction Lecture

Lectures for Aspect 1: Lord of the Earth

Lectures for Aspect 2: Husbandman

Lectures for Aspect 3: Savior

Lectures for Aspect 4: Sage

Lectures for Aspect 5: Glory of God