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Five Aspects of Man for Women

Understanding men better and loving them more

The Five Aspects of Man for Women Conference introduced a biblical theology of masculinity, focusing on man as God created him and reveals him to be in Scripture. For those familiar with Five Aspects of Woman, this topic is a wonderful opportunity to ponder “the other side” of God’s sexual masterpiece. Each aspect was presented from its biblical foundation, with theology that helps us “understand our men better,” and with applications that help us “love them more.”  

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to Apr 21

Walking Together

A fellowship conference for women who love and seek to live biblical womanhood

Messages from Barbara Mouser included:

  • Walking Together in Ministry

  • Walking Toward Jesus

  • Walking Through Transitions and the Seasons of Life

  • Walking in our Family Generations

  • Walking with Elijah and Elisha in Ministry Generations

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3:00 PM15:00

Man, the Glory of God

Bill Mouser gave an invited talk in Dallas Theological Seminary’s Educational Ministries and Leadership course Effective Ministry with Men. Bill’s message examined Man, the Glory of God including 

  • What is a Man? The Bible Contra Mundum

  • “A is the glory of B” – examples from scripture

  • The iconography of sex and its implications

  • How, then, shall men live? (2 Samuel 23:2-7)

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