Our Team


Fr. Bill Mouser

Director of ICGS

William Mouser was born in the California Mojave Desert where he lived until his father was transferred by the Santa Fe Railway to Amarillo, Texas in 1959. He graduated from Amarillo High School and entered Texas Tech University in 1965. After a two-year stint with the United States Marines in Viet Nam, he returned to Texas Tech and graduated in 1973, with majors in chemistry and philosophy, and minors in physics, math, and Greek. Enrolling in Dallas Theological Seminary in January of 1974, he graduated in 1978 with a ThM in Hebrew. Thereafter he served as an assistant pastor or senior pastor in four different independent Protestant congregations. In 1987, he and his family returned to the States from pastoral work in Vienna, Austria, and he and his wife founded the International Council for Gender Studies in 1991. He has served as Director of ICGS since then. He is the author of Five Aspects of Man, two books on Proverbs, and several other works co-authored with Barbara.  Fr. Bill is also vicar of St. Athanasius Anglican Church in Waxahachie, Texas since June 2004.  His sermons that are relevant to the Five Aspects ministry are available here for free.

Barbara Mouser.jpg

Barbara Mouser

Director of Women’s Ministry

Barbara Mouser grew up on a small dairy farm in Texas, where she discovered her love of teaching and the wonder of manhood and womanhood.  She attended Texas Tech University, where she realized she didn’t actually want to be a farmer’s wife! After some years as a church secretary and women’s Bible study teacher in a large congregation, she married Bill and they started a family. She completed a Masters of Old Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1984. Eventually, the Mousers returned to her childhood home near Dallas, TX, to care for their aging parents and rear their children.  She has enjoyed a busy career as a home-maker, mother, pastor’s wife, teacher, and author of Five Aspects of Woman and numerous other Bible study books. She loves teaching Bible themes, taking country walks, and working jigsaw puzzles.  She and Bill have four daughters and a growing brood of adorable grandchildren.

Woody Perry.jpg

Woody Perry

Office Manager

Woody was reared in the heart of Texas on a large ranch. Her favorite thing was working cattle and goats with her Daddy. Woody worked for a number of years in the travel and restaurant industry in business management positions. She met Tom and married in 1984, and their son, Kyle was born in 1991. She became a full-time homemaker in 1993 as they built their current home in the country and began collecting animals. She wanted her son to know the difference between goats and sheep and learn things from country life that most people don’t get in the city. She kept a garden, when the Texas weather would allow it, and goats, calves (1 at a time), sheep, a donkey, and her favorite - chickens. The Perrys have also had just about every type of furry pet. Tom never knew what he would find when he came home!

Woody met the Mousers at church and began working part time for ICGS in 1995. She brings to our team her wonderful business expertise and organization - managing the books, the taxes, the property, and the book orders.  She also caters ICGS conferences.

Woody loves flower arranging, gardening, traveling, her chickens and spending time with her 4 grandchildren.

Geneva Peterson.jpg

Geneva Peterson

Project Manager

Geneva is Bill and Barbara’s second daughter. She attended Texas Tech University and the University of Cambridge. She made a career change in 2016 from her academic work at the University of Cambridge, UK, where she was a researcher and laboratory manager, to become a full-time homemaker and mother.  The Petersons have settled in Odessa, Texas, and have two sons. Geneva is excited to work with ICGS on a part-time basis while she continues her domestic vocation in the home.  She manages content for the website, assists preparing works for publication, and provides organizational support to Bill and Barbara.

Priscilla Fisher.jpg

Priscilla Fisher

Graphic Designer

Priscilla Fisher is the home-making wife of a retired businessman/blacksmith/woodworker. Through the years she has collaborated with Barbara, illustrating and formatting many of ICGS’s books. Other pursuits of her life include the study of God's Word, pondering the beauties and glories of nature’s seasons--how they inform our own, and designing images that point to God. She received a B.S. in Design from the University of Cincinnati in 1980. She and her husband, Tom, reside in rural central Ohio in Amish country.