There is a conflict within the Church.  

Are you on the side of Scripture? 

Biblical teaching on sexuality is now the most embattled part of the Christian faith.  The conflict (and heresies) encompass personal sexuality, cultural norms, and institutions of marriage, government, and the Church. Whether you know it or not, you already have taken sides with your lifestyle, your values, how you relate to women and raise your children, and how you think about God. Will you consult the Bible for what God has said about human sexuality?

Five Aspects of Man is a comprehensive Bible study on manhood and masculinity from Genesis through Revelation, organized around five key passages of Scripture. Each passage presents a definitive part of manhood — an aspect. This course does not offer a how-to guide for becoming a more godly man. Instead, this course provides a framework for understanding what God intended men to be and to do.  When you learn God’s purpose for manhood, then you can rightly understand yourself, the men around you, the work you must do, and how your relationships should work. 

But the Five Aspects course goes far beyond personal life applications – it teaches the theology of God’s design and purpose for masculinity and femininity, from The Beginning to the End of the Age.  This comprehensive view of biblical sexuality equips you to side with Scripture on the extensive controversies that face Christians today.


We invite you to look into our material.

“The material is the most stimulating thing I have ever seen for men. Our group has already spent two weeks on some of the one-week lessons, mostly because they wanted more time to discuss the issues it raised for them.”
— Businessman, Michigan
“In every setting, the participants came away with profound insight into the created differences between men and women. … It’s significant that these were not individuals whose lives were broken or damaged.  They were simply men and women who had not before seen a comprehensive presentation of God’s truth about who they are and who they are supposed to become.”
— Senior Pastor, Texas
“Five Aspects of Man has become a catalyst in our men’s group for working through some major life-changes for some of the men. For the first time in their lives, they understand who they are as men.”
— Mission Executive, Colorado

Scope & Structure

The Five Aspects of Man (FAM) Bible study presents a complete Biblical theology of masculinity from Genesis all the way through Revelation in 15 lessons, plus an introduction lecture.  Each lesson has two components – a 30 minute audio lecture and a workbook study.  

The workbook leads you through an examination of five passages of scripture that provide definitive and universal truths about men –  each “angle on manhood” is called an “aspect.”  There are three lessons for each aspect: as it was created to be, as it is distorted by sin, and as it is redeemed in Christ.  Each lesson examines case studies from scripture – examples of men in the Bible and how they showcase manhood in different ways.

The workbook lessons and exercises provide the core structure of the Bible study.  The audio lectures provide further teaching that unravels particularly difficult, counter-cultural or non-intuitive topics concerning biblical manhood and womanhood.

This Bible study requires a high degree of personal commitment of 3-5 hours a week to listen to the audio lecture (30 minutes), complete the workbook study (1+ hours), and, ideally, to meet with a men’s group for discussion and clarification on challenging topics (1+hours).  The difficulty of the material is equivalent to a challenging full semester college course, requiring much thought and study.

Listen to Lessons

Audio lectures for the course Five Aspects of Man are distributed here for your convenience at no charge. We are pleased to present these new 2019 recordings.  These lectures provide teaching from Bill Mouser to support and augment the teaching from the workbook.  You may listen here or download the lectures to listen offline.

The first lecture introduces the entire course. If you are considering Five Aspects of Man as a personal or group study, listening to this lecture is a good way to familiarize yourself with the overarching concept and structure of the course.  Each lecture is 25-30 minutes long.

Introduction Lecture

Lectures for Aspect 1: Lord of the Earth

Lectures for Aspect 2: Husbandman

Lectures for Aspect 3: Savior

Lectures for Aspect 4: Sage

Lectures for Aspect 5: Glory of God

Start a Class

A Five Aspects discussion leader is the key to a successful group study. He should have a thorough grasp of the Biblical and theological content of Five Aspects of Man.  He should salute and defend the truth of this course, having found it faithful to the Scriptures and personally relevant. He should commit himself to the men who will be in his study and pray consistently for his class as a whole and his students individually. We may be able to help you connect with other “Aspectors” in your area.

How to Start a Five Aspects Class

  • Order the Five Aspects of Man Leader’s Edition, which includes the workbook, lecture transcripts, and answer guide. You can order at our Store on this site as a set or individually.

  • Go through the course yourself, allowing six months to complete the study.

  • If you would like to conduct a Five Aspects class in your church, mission group, Bible study group, or any other organized body of believers, ask the leaders of the group to approve the course. It is better not to begin, than to begin and reap confusion or undermine your leadership.