Scope & Structure

The Five Aspects of Woman (FAW) study course presents a complete Biblical theology of femininity from Genesis all the way through Revelation in 26 lessons. This course is equal in difficulty to two semesters of Bible college coursework. (Looking for a shorter course or book? – consider Seven Principles or The Story of Sex in Scripture) It requires a high personal commitment of 3 to 5 hours weekly to complete the required personal Bible study, lessons with text or audio, class discussion, and personal application. The benefits to the student include:

  • A complete Biblical overview of femininity 

  • Applications for women in all stages of life

  • Foundations in basic Christian doctrine

  • Appreciation of God’s design and plan for gender

  • Integration of Bible, theology, and application

Student material for the course consists of the Five Aspects of Woman textbook in two volumes. The course is published in two volumes for the convenience of those using semester time-blocks and to aid students who want a stair-step approach. Volume One is the first part of the course, covering the first three aspects in 13 lessons. 

Volume Two is the completion of the course, covering the last two aspects in 10 lessons, plus critical lessons on manhood, wisdom, and Deborah. These lessons can be studied as lessons or read as appendices; they are not in Bible study format. You have not completed the Five Aspects course until you complete both volumes. 

Features of the course include:

  • Profiles summarize the facts of each aspect.

  • Diagrams reinforce the verbal content with visual details.

  • Personifications of each aspect are provided to make each view of femininity more clear and lifelike.

  • Bible Study Questions are designed to guide the student through the main Scriptures of the lesson, to review the theological content presented in the text, and to encourage application.

  • Life Lessons require the student to express the aspect in her own words.