Listen to Lessons

Audio tracks for the course Five Aspects of Woman are distributed here for your convenience at no charge. These audio tracks are the textbook portion of the course, read aloud by the author Barbara Mouser. You may listen here or download the tracks to listen offline.

The first lesson introduces the entire course. The final two lessons give a backward applicational view of the entire course. If you are considering Five Aspects of Woman as a personal or group study, listening to these three lessons is a good way to review the entire course beforehand.

There are 26 lessons in Five Aspects of Woman, and there are audio tracks for 19 of those lessons. The number of the audio file corresponds to the number of the lesson in the book. The other seven lessons are personal application “Life Lessons” or supplements, and so there are no audio files for Lessons 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, Supplement A or B.

Introductory and Summary Lessons

Lectures for Aspect 1: Mistress of the Domain

Lectures for Aspect 2: Helper-Completer

Lectures for Aspect 3: Lifegiver

Lectures for Aspect 4: Lady of Wisdom

Lectures for Aspect 5: Glory of Man

Supplement C: The Womanliness of Deborah