Seven Principles of Sexuality

“…without which we cannot know the will of God” 

What a powerful assertion!  Modern concepts of gender and sexuality are so subjective, muddled, and suppressed, that it now shocks people to think that our sexual identity is actually integrally linked with God’s plan of redemption and the course of all history.  

The truth is that God has a coherent, logical, and beautiful explanation for the creation, expression, and future of sexuality. Seven Principles of Sexuality is our most versatile and streamlined Bible study on gender.  In seven lessons totaling 77 pages (including an in-depth answer guide) the study is appropriate for men, women, couples, individuals, or mixed groups. A concise overview of the Bible's teaching on sexuality, this study proceeds through biblical theology on the topics of sexuality created, fallen, judged, and redeemed.  

Thoroughly field-tested and revised, Seven Principles is 8 ½ x 11 inch spiral bound format.  

While brief, Seven Principles hits hard at controversial theology, precisely because of its focused, boiled-down content.  This potency will clarify and strengthen the views of receptive students but may present significant challenges to others. An excellent starting point if you want to establish your own understanding of men, women, and society firmly on the rock of Scripture.