Five Aspects of Femininity for Young Women

This young women’s course in biblical femininity is designed for high school age girls, but it can stretch down to a mature junior high girl or up to the college woman who want a streamlined introduction to the aspects material. Youth aspects follow the same organization and framework as the Five Aspects of Woman, but three have been renamed in this young women’s course.  These name changes reflect a shift of emphasis, not a change in doctrinal content (e.g. more on virginity, less on motherhood; more on training for wisdom, less on reigning with it). 

Each of the five aspects is studied in four lessons (Created, Fallen, Redeemed, and Life Lesson); the whole course is 20 lessons long; 157 pages.  The workbook is a free-standing course without audio supplements. A leader’s guide is also available including answers to study questions, suggestions for leading the class, and supplemental appendices.

“I hope you are excited about being a woman. You are unique; your path through life will be unlike any other.  Yet, God has not left us without truth and pattern. While every woman is different, all women have basic created characteristics in common because God made us to be women.

This course is organized around five great pillar truths from Scripture which tell us what femininity is from God’s viewpoint. We have named these aspects of femininity:  Daughter of the King, Helper-Completer, Sacred Vessel of Life, Handmaiden of Wisdom, and Glory of Man. We study each aspect three times.  First, we examine what God created this aspect to be--how it was supposed to be before sin.  Second, we study the ways in which sin breaks and perverts this part of femininity.  Third, we see how Christ restores this aspect through His saving work.”

- Barbara Mouser